MMP is a marketing automation software that can divide customers into audiences based on behavior and demagogic qualities, create personalized marketing messages to these audiences, and offer 6 marketing products together.

Creative campaign planning and design for brands’ websites and applications, audience development, KPI measurement, etc. It produces solutions for strategic marketing actions such as.

Thanks to the increase in conversion and return rate, it provides high performance in e-commerce sites and form filling rates. Performs additional sales and cross-selling activities. It reduces costs on the brand side in the long run.

Marketing automation helps businesses of all sizes. Marketing teams of businesses develop effective marketing strategies using MMP.


On Site Pop-Up

It allows to persuade a visitor who has not converted as a buyer yet to stay while leaving the site. It can change according to visitor behavior and creates the fastest and easiest way to communicate with the customer.


It helps you easily send messages with advanced scenario content to your subscribers, which you can segment to acquire a new customer and retain the existing customer.

Push Notification

With Push Notification, which is a very effective traffic method for brands, it allows users to be aware of new content and discounts, and creates awareness in the target audience thanks to notifications.


Unlike traditional CRM, it helps to include the data flow of platforms such as Google, Meta, Tiktok, which are used in digital marketing, and to contain the data of users who perform purchasing behavior.


Funnel makes it easy to track the behavior of potential leads on the website. It consists of Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action stages.

Marketing Automation

AI-powered marketing automation helps create in-depth profiles and find and segment new leads and audiences; helps automate interaction on each channel. Marketing Automation contains 5 products within itself.


Custom User Interface


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